A fascinating article about how science students can benefit from courses in the humanities.

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Monday was the first day of Dartmouth’s Spring term. So, as I often do at this time, I started teaching my course for non-science majors called “Understanding the Universe: From Atoms to the Big Bang.”

This is what students like to call a “physics for poets” class — a class that explores the history of how humanity has confronted some of the deepest questions we can ask about the material world and our place in it, without the math. It is a class that tries to capture the true spirit of the liberal-arts education, mixing the sciences, the humanities, and the social sciences as different and complementary ways of knowing the world and why we matter. In fancier words, as an intellectual history of physics and astronomy, the class requires that scientific thinking be contextualized culturally, so that students can situate the ways in which some of the most revolutionary ideas in the past 2,000 years emerged when they did.

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College-Bound? Concidering Applying for Early Decision? What You Should Know.

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While early action has few drawbacks, early decision should only be used when a student is 100 percent sure of his or her first choice school. (PeopleImages.com/ Getty Images)

Colleges typically offer two early admissions options – early action, in which students receive a non-binding offer of admission, and early decision, in which students, if accepted, must attend the college in question.

While one can argue that there are few drawbacks to early action, early decision (or ED, for short) is another matter. Students who are considering applying ED to a school should weigh a number of questions very carefully before deciding on this path. While applying early decision can open doors that may otherwise have been difficult to enter, its binding nature also closes a number of other doors if you are admitted. Here are four important questions to ask yourself before applying to a college ED:

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