College-Bound? Concidering Applying for Early Decision? What You Should Know.

college bound

While early action has few drawbacks, early decision should only be used when a student is 100 percent sure of his or her first choice school. ( Getty Images)

Colleges typically offer two early admissions options – early action, in which students receive a non-binding offer of admission, and early decision, in which students, if accepted, must attend the college in question.

While one can argue that there are few drawbacks to early action, early decision (or ED, for short) is another matter. Students who are considering applying ED to a school should weigh a number of questions very carefully before deciding on this path. While applying early decision can open doors that may otherwise have been difficult to enter, its binding nature also closes a number of other doors if you are admitted. Here are four important questions to ask yourself before applying to a college ED:

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