You can peel permanent marker, intact, off of glass


Permanent markers aren’t so permanent after all, scientists now report. All you need to peel the ink from glass is water. Oh, and you also need a whole lot of patience!

When glass marked with permanent ink is slowly dipped into water, the writing lifts off the glass. It then floats intact atop the water. Scientists have now uncovered the physics behind the surprising phenomenon: The water’s surface tension breaks the seal between ink and glass.

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A fascinating article about “rotor sails”, a new, more efficient way to power ocean-going ships.


Early next year, a tanker vessel owned by Maersk, the Danish transportation conglomerate, and a passenger ship owned by Viking Cruises will be outfitted with spinning cylinders on their decks. Mounted vertically and up to 10 stories tall, these “rotor sails” could slash fuel consumption up to 10%, saving transportation companies hundreds of thousands of dollars and cutting soot-causing carbon emissions by thousands of tons per trip.

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